Recipe of Green Kale

ABC Juice

Refreshing and Detoxifying

10 mins
1 person
- 1 sachet of Verte
- 1 small fresh beetroot
- 1 carrot
- 1 apple
1. Chopped all the fruits into big chunks and blend them together with Verte in a juice blender.
2. Serve with ice immediately.
Recipe of Green Kale

Abeille d’Or’s Energy Cubes

Abeille d’Or’s Energy Cubes are made with two energy boosters: Chlorella and lime juice. Combined, they are shown to help boost your mood. A natural miraculous supplement, Chlorella is an excellent source of protein. This unique single-celled fresh water micro algae, boosts energy by unlocking sugar from your cells so it does not get stored as fat.

5 mins
1 person
- 4 g (20 tablets) chlorella
- 250 ml lime juice
1. Dissolve 4 g (20 tablets) of Chlorella into 250 ml of lime juice; pour into ice cubes trays and freeze.
(The cold from the ice also works to wake you up and help boost your metabolism energy.)
2. Add 2 energy cubes to water, fruit or vegetable juices daily.
Recipe of Green Kale

Green Hotcakes

Delicious hotcakes with added nutrition of 100% Abeille d’Or Chlorella!

10 mins
2 - 4 persons
- Abeille d'Or Chlorella x 5 tablets
- Milk x 150ml
- Egg x 1
- Hotcake mix x 200g
- Olive Oil
- Maple syrup
- Strawberries (0ptional)
1. Dissolve Abeille d'Or Chlorella tablets in milk.
2. Add egg then hotcake mix.
3. Pour mixture onto lightly greased hot griddle.
4. Cook until both sides turn golden brown.
5. Serve with maple syrup and strawberries
Recipe of Green Kale

Pandan Chiffon Cake

Light and fluffy with added goodness

20 mins
8 - 10 persons
- 15 tablets of Abeille d'Or Chlorella
- 1 pkt 320 g Primamix Pandan Chiffon Cake Mix
- 7 medium eggs (about 60g per egg)
- 65 ml of water
- 65 ml soya bean oil
- 23 cm (diameter) tube pan
1. Preheat oven to 175 degree Centigrade.
2. Dissolve Abeille d'Or Chlorella tablets in 65ml of warm water.
3. Mix eggs and water at low speed for 1 minute 30 seconds while gradually adding Primamix Pandan Chiffon Cake Mix
Whisk batter at :
High speed : 8 minutes
Low speed : 1 minute
(while gradually adding the oil until well blended)
4. Pour batter to about ¾ height in an ungreased tube pan.
5. Bake for 45-50 minutes in the preheated oven.
6. After baking, turn the pan over to cool. Carefully dislodge cake from pan and gently remove the cake.
Recipe of Green Kale

Simply delicious Agar Agar

Healthy and nutritious

10 mins
1 Person
- Abeille d'Or Chlorella x 25 tablets (5g)
- Agar Agar powder x 1 pkt (13g)
- Sugar x 198g
- Water x 900ml
1. Dissolve 25 tablets of Abeille d'Or Chlorella in 50 ml of warm water.
2. Dissolve the packet of Agar Agar powder in 100 ml of water.
3. Place the remaining 750 ml of water with 198g of sugar in a pot and add step 1 and 2 and bring the mixture to a boil.
4. Stir frequently to avoid agar-agar thickening at bottom until everything has dissolved.
5. Pour mixture into a mould.
6. Allow 10 minutes to cool, then place in fridge to set for 30 minutes.

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