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Abeille D'or

Company History

Abeille D’or was set up in Singapore, 1989. A year later in 1990, we expanded to Malaysia with Abeille D’or Corporation. Abeille D’or Hong Kong followed in 2012 and the gateway to the market in Macau. We have been dealing mainly in natural health food supplements for over 30 years.
About Abeille D'or

What we do

We have a strong belief that health is important and essential. Due to advances in technology and the never ending addition of countless processed foods everywhere, we cannot be sure of what we consume and use every day. We would also never expect the damage to our body from long term consumption and usage of these products. Even though medical science has evolved to a greater level too, the price of being treated has also gone up, with many people using up their life savings to regain their health, for recuperation and medication, is it worth it?

Thus we feel very confident about the health supplement market. We only give our best in promoting natural, top quality health supplements with high amount of nutrients. Abeille d’Or’s company philosophy is always to share about health and enjoy in bringing people one step closer to health. Receiving our customers feedback on regaining health is our greatest motivation; and with their continuous support, has strengthened and grown with the business for over two decades.

Abeille d'Or

Our Vision

We believe in prevention is better than cure, and we actively promote health through natural food supplements.

Our Mission

Since 1989, Abeille d’Or has always insisted in good products, good service, and actively promoting and raising the importance of health to everyone. By promoting the way of health through education, through health seminars and print media, radio interviews to the masses, allows for deeper understanding to the importance of health to a personal level.


Only by losing health then we would know its importance. Our founder lost her health and found it again, gaining valuable experiences and realization, and she gladly shares passionately with anyone has feels strongly about health, or those who lost their health and are looking to regain it. Our founder has always insisted on natural, top quality products that deliver an economical, fast and simple way to regain and maintain health. By doing so, she gained precious health and her career at the same time.

Business Goal &

With over 30 years in the health supplement business, the company insists and firmly believes in natural, top quality health supplements to help more people gain health to enjoy life. We would promote our goals with no boundaries, and to any occupation, age, income or gender.
Abeille d'Or


We import -> packaging done by GMP-certified pharmaceutical manufacturer -> distribute -> advertise to consumers

Product: Mainly in natural products with high amount of nutrients.

Business Competitiveness:

  1. Proven with time: Abeille D’or has been around for more the 30 years because of long term trust and love of our products by our customers.
  2. Product effectiveness: Our customers long term support and love for our products, prove their effectiveness
  3. Education: We educate through numerous health seminars and enhance the importance to health to the masses.
  4. Promote: Through television, radio and print media.

We believe Abeille d’Or has sufficient competitiveness in the market and much more capacity for expansion.

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