What are the possible reactions that you can expect from taking chlorell?

There may be reactions during the health improvement process. This is not a side effect but it is part of the natural phenomenon of regulation of bodily functions as well as elimination of toxins. Reactions may continue for 3-10 days and you will feel more energetic after improvements.

Possible healing reactions

  • Sleepy, fatigue, dry throat and tongue, bad breath
  • Frequent urination, gas expulsion, stuffy chest
  • Body acidity (“heaty”), energetic, anemic
  • Dizziness, weakness, hunger
  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, belching
  • Acne, itching, erythema, sweating, urine smells
  • Severe redness, swelling, and pain in affected parts of the body temporarily
  • Temporary irregular menstrual cycle
  • Cough, phlegm, runny nose
  • Temporary increase in blood glucose, blood pressure, acceleration of heartbeats
  • Slight edema of the face and feet
  • Mild nose bleed
  • Stool with blood
  • Temporary skin allergies, acne in severe condition
  • Rapid heart beat, palpitations, chest pain
  • Insomnia
  • No reaction

Possible health problems

  • Acidic body, impaired liver functions, staying up late, fatigue, drug overdose
  • Poor stomach function, bloating
  • It is normal as body burns excessive body fats and then converts fat into heat energy
  • Low blood glucose, anemia (reduced blood glucose during consumption to burn off excess fat).
  • Indigestion, gastroptosis, poor liver function, hyperacidity
  • Toxin elimination, poor liver function, allergies
  • Gastric ulcer, rheumatism, uric acid too high, migraine, sprains
  • Impaired hormonal balance
  • Poor lung function, smoking, sinusitis
  • Diabetes, hypertension, heart disease (consult a doctor or continue prescription)
  • Poor renal function
  • Anemia, mostly suffered by women
  • The general phenomenon for those with hemorrhoids
  • Detoxification of blood’s allergic factors
  • Myocardial infarction, bloating, ulcers
  • Mental stress, anxiety, irritability, body acidity (“heaty”)
  • Either in good health or improved health condition

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