About Green Kale

Are any pesticides or chemical fertilisers
No pesticides or chemical fertilisers are used. Our contract farmers on the Kunisaki Peninsula in Oita Prefecture put time and effort into cultivation, including removing pests by hand and used fully ripened compost as organic fertilizers.
Can I take it in warm water?
Not recommended. The powder may clump in warm water, which makes it less easy to drink. Try using lukewarm water at a lower temperature. We have confirmed that the nutrients listed on the label do not decrease in water of 80°C when measured after 30 minutes. It can be enjoyed with milk as well.
Can I take more than the recommended amount?
It is okay to drink more than the daily recommended amount. However, the water-soluble dietary fiber in the product may cause soft stools. The quantity of intake should be increased gradually.
Is it okay to prepare in advance?
It is not recommended because no preservatives are used. Please consume as soon as possible after preparation. The quality of the powder remains stable if unopened. Once dissolved in water, the flavour may be lost, and the quality may change depending on the storage conditions.
It is safe for children and pregnant women?
Yes. Our Green Kale is natural, even safer than consuming vegetable juices. For children, we recommend to consume half sachet or 1 sachet per day.
My kid doesn’t like the taste of vegetable. Can Green Kale mix with other beverage to serve?
Can. Green Kale can serve with other beverage according to your kid’s preference. We will recommend to serve it with favourite juice, milk or soy milk, taste good. Pour Green Kale powder into your favourite beverage, stir it and consume.
What is Aojiru?
Aojiru originally referred to any juice made of green vegetables. We use dried extracts from kale. Ingredients and manufacturing process vary among manufacturers.
What is the recommended consumption for adult?
Adult can consume one to two sachets per day, to supplement daily green leafy vegetable nutrients.
What is the recommended consumption for children?
Children who aged 1 to 6 years old can consume half sachet per day; 6 to 12 years old consume 1 sachet per day, to supplement daily green leafy vegetable nutrients.
When should it be taken?
There is no set rule. It can be taken at any time.
Why do the colour tone and taste vary sometimes?
Green Kale is made from natural Kale, no added with artificial colouring, flavouring and preservative. Hence, such variation is inevitable for the extract powder made from these natural products.

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