People who take Chlorella for the first time may find that they have better digestion where their bad breath and constipation will be reduced significantly, and they may feel more energetic. Some individuals may not experience any difference at all which does not mean that they are not benefiting from Chlorella. This may be due to the fact that many benefits of Chlorella are very subtle, such as the removal of heavy metals from the body which can take up to 6 months with a dosage of 15 – 20 grams daily. However, some individuals may experience cleansing reactions such as gas, cramping, constipation or diarrhea, the first time they consume Chlorella. Individuals who have had allergies in the past may develop a sudden rash, pimples, boils, eczema or their previous allergic reaction returning upon consuming Chlorella for the first time.

These reactions are usually referred to as the “healing crisis” which is due to the high fiber content and other nutritional factors of Chlorella. These reactions are normal and are similar to that experienced by individuals switching from a low-fiber junk-food diet to a high-fiber natural food diet. For these individuals, it is advisable to start off with a lower dosage (200 mg) and slowly increasing by 200 mg each day. As long as an individual is not showing an allergic reaction such as hives or throwing up, consumption of Chlorella can be safely continued. In a couple of months, the reactions should decrease, and as it decreases, the dosage can be slowly increased.

PDF document with 51 Pages of detailed information and facts related to the nutrition and benefits on Chlorella consumption.

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