Are all chlorella or other algae the same?

Chlorella is a general term just like mangoes or durian. The difference is in the cultivation technology. Different methods and strands deliver different qualities. Heterotrophic Tank Cultivated Abeille d’Or Chlorella assures quality, hygiene, high nutrition, high digestibility, and better taste!

Can Abeille d’Or chlorella replace vegetables?

Yes, if a sufficient amount is taken regularly. Lack of chlorophyll affects our blood and health. Chlorella has been found to have the highest chlorophyll content than any other vegetables or plants on earth. This helps to benefit adults or children who do not eat enough vegetables.

Could we take chlorella while on medication?

Indoor chlorella is a pure and natural, non-medicinal food supplement that should not have any conflict with medicines.

How does Abeille d’Or Chlorella compare to spirulina?

Chlorella is freshwater algae whereas spirulina is cultivated in salt water. Chlorella better known as the green algae, as the name suggests, has 10 times higher chlorophyll content than that of spirulina. Due to its thin cell wall (low fiber), spirulina could not be Heterotrophic Tank cultivated. Different methods of cultivation deliver different qualities. Heterotrophic Tank Cultivated Abeille d’Or Chlorella is assured in quality, hygiene, high nutrition, high digestibility, and better taste!

How long after taking chlorella do we begin to see the effectiveness?

Results vary on one’s condition. e.g. People with constipation would see results within 3 days. For most slow-acting diseases, results can be seen within 3-4 months. Be consistent with taking indoor chlorella; the longer the period the more effective it is.

Is it suitable for children, pregnant women, or even infants?

It is best to start early as minerals and nutrients in chlorella help promote growth. Our indoor chlorella is a “Heterotrophic tank” closed system cultivated, 100% pure, and free from pollution or contamination. It is perfectly safe, hygienic, and nutritious.

We see CGF as 1 of the content in Abeille d’Or Chlorella, what is CGF?

CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor) is a nucleotide-peptide complex derived from a hot water extract of chlorella. It is made mostly of nucleic acid derivatives. Researchers have discovered that CGF is produced to promote the reproduction rate of chlorella. Experiments show that CGF promotes faster growth without adverse side effects, and it appears to enhance RNA/DNA functions responsible for the production of proteins, enzymes, and energy at the cellular level, stimulating tissue repair and protecting cells against some toxic substances.

As people age, cell processes slow down. The cell wall, which regulates fluids, intake of nutrients and expulsion of wastes, becomes less functional. Nutrient intake is less efficient and more toxic wastes remain in the cells. This leads to an increasingly acidic condition in the body that favors many kinds of chronic and degenerative diseases.

When we have a sufficient intake of foods rich in DNA and RNA to protect our own cellular nucleic acids, the cell wall continues to function efficiently, keeping the cell clean and well-nourished. When our RNA and DNA are in good repair and able to function most efficiently, our bodies are able to use nutrients more effectively, get rid of toxins, and avoid disease. Cells are able to repair themselves, and the energy level and vitality of the whole body is raised.

* Dr. Benjamin Frank, author of The No-Aging Diet, suggests that human RNA/DNA production slows down progressively as people age, resulting in lower levels of vitality and increased vulnerability to various diseases. Before chlorella was known to be a remarkable source of nucleic acids, Dr. Frank recommended a diet rich in nucleic acids to counter this “aging” process.

*Dr. Minchinori Kimura of Japan found levels of 1O% RNA and 3% DNA in Chlorella, which would make chlorella the highest-known food substance in nucleic acids. Used regularly, chlorella would assist in the repair of damaged genetic material in human cells, protecting the health and slowing down the aging process. Nucleic acids in digestion and assimilation are broken down and combined with other nutrients such as vitamin B-12, peptides and polysaccharides. That means that the DNA and RNA we eat do not directly replace human cellular DNA and RNA, but their amino acid combinations after digestion and assimilation immediately provide the “building blocks” for the repair of our genetic material. CGF content in Abeille d’Or Chlorella (about 20%) is one of the highest compared to most other algae products in the market which normally only carry 3% to 5% CGF.

What exactly is Abeille d’Or Chlorella?

Abeille d’Or Chlorella is a single-celled freshwater green plant and a whole-food nutritional supplement. Because it is a whole food rather than a fractionalized extract or an isolated component, Chlorella contains all the beneficial components of the entire plant in naturally perfect balance. In addition to highly bio-available vitamins and minerals, Abeille d’Or Chlorella contains significant amounts of vegetable protein, beta carotene and chlorophyll, known for its cleansing and purifying properties. Additionally, its cell wall provides important dietary fiber and further aids in internal cleansing.

What is the best way to consume chlorella?

Abeille d’Or Chlorella is tasty and most people enjoy chewing it. It could also be diluted in water or swallowed. Either way, sufficient water intake (200cc – 250cc) is recommended.

Why do we feel “heaty” after taking and how long will it persist?

Abeille d’Or Chlorella supplement is neutral. The heaviness we feel is due to the improved metabolism rate we achieve after consuming chlorella. This usually happens to those who are often exposed to excessive sunlight and heat or people who always work overnight. It normally occurs for only 3 to 10 days.

Why do we need chlorophyll and how does Abeille d’Or Chlorella compare to other kinds of sources?

One of the greatest food substances for cleansing the bowel and other elimination systems, the liver, and the blood is chlorophyll, as found in all green vegetables, especially green, leafy vegetables. Chlorophyll bears a molecular structure identical to that of human blood, with the exception of one atom. Red blood cells have an iron molecule whereas chlorophyll has a magnesium molecule. Because of the structural similarities, chlorophyll has the ability to carry oxygen directly into the bloodstream. Many people who use green food supplements regularly report substantial increases in energy and overall well-being. Also, the consumption of green foods can dramatically improve the tone and texture of the skin. The problem we find here is that food greens contain less than half of one percent chlorophyll. Alfalfa, from which chlorophyll is commercially extracted, has only 8 or 9 pounds per ton, about 0.2% when extracted, and alfalfa is one of the plants highest in chlorophyll. Commercial liquid chlorophyll often contains only about 1% chlorophyll. Green algae are the highest sources of chlorophyll in the plant world; and, of all the green algae studied so far, chlorella is the highest, often ranging up to 5% chlorophyll. Abeille d’Or Chlorella contains up to 16 times higher chlorophyll compared to spinach and can speed up the rate of cleansing of the bowel, bloodstream, and liver, by supplying plenty of chlorophyll.

Why should vegetarians take chlorella?

As their choices of food are limited, it is harder to get a well-balanced diet, which might lead to anemia or loss of energy. Take Abeille d’Or Chlorella sufficiently and regularly to achieve a nutritionally balanced diet.

Why would anyone want to take Abeille d’Or Chlorella?

Abeille d’Or Chlorella is a non-medicinal natural health food supplement that is able to provide the human body with balanced nutrition in our daily diet. With modern life dietary habits, the intake of meat and carbohydrate has considerably increased whereas the consumption of green vegetables is getting below the required level. Fast food and processed food are becoming too common and popular within our culture, it is not easy to achieve nutritional balance through our normal everyday meals. This has given rise to various common diseases. Chlorella can make up for this shortage of vegetable intake and nutritional insufficiency. Abeille d’Or Chlorella provides all the nutrients one needs to live with, including high levels of vegetable protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, plus chlorophyll. Abeille d’Or Chlorella is one of the most concentrated sources of beta carotene, calcium, magnesium, and zinc available. The chlorophyll content is important as a nutrient because it has potent detoxifying properties. Unlike normal outdoor cultivation, Abeille d’Or Chlorella is cultivated in a sterilized sealed tank called a Heterotrophic Tank System (worldwide patented technology of Yakult), free from all kinds of possible environmental pollution and microorganism contamination. An ideal habitat is provided for the growth of Chlorella that results in a consistently high quality, pure, tasty, and hygienic product.

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